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Can't Sign Out of iCloud/Apple ID on Mac, What to Do?

Updated on Wednesday, May 11, 2022

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Can't Sign Out of iCloud/Apple ID on Mac/MacBook, Here're Fixes

You prepare to stop iCloud from syncing your Mac data to the Apple server. But when you click the iCloud (on macOS Mojave or earlier) or Apple ID option (on macOS Catalina or later) to sign out the iCloud on Mac, you run into one of the following situations or similar:

  • The sign-out button is greyed out.
  • Sign out is not available due to restrictions.
  • The sign-out process takes forever.

It is so strange and drains you into endless annoyance. Do worry too much about that. This post can give you assistance. From here, you'll learn about the reasons why you can't sign out of iCloud/Apple ID on Mac and how to fix the problems to enable the sign-out process to go on.

cant sign out of iCloud on Mac

Table of Contents:

Why can't you sign out of iCloud/Apple ID on Mac?

The reasons are not fixed. Both the errors in iCloud (or Apple ID) and the system can cause the failure of iCloud sign-out.

In more detail, you can't sign out of Apple ID are because of:

  • Broken or poor Internet connection.
  • Bugs in the current macOS.
  • Non-administrator actions.
  • Restrictions from other programs.
  • An ongoing iCloud backup.
  • The outage of Apple servers.

Mac can't sign out of iCloud/Apple ID, what to do?

Although there are multiple causes that can lead to your MacBook Pro can't sign out of Apple ID, you can troubleshoot this issue in the following ways and make the sign-out operation finishes successfully.

Check the Internet connection

Since Apple ID relies on the Internet work to allow your iCloud and other Apple services to sync on all your Apple devices. So, if you find the Sign Out option under the Overview tab in Apple ID is greyed out, check your network connection. 

You can wait until the Internet is back to normal or change to a stronger one. Then, redo the sign-out operation.

Force Quit Apple ID/iCloud

If your Mac gets stuck on the sign-out process or there's no reaction after clicking the Sign Out button, you can force quit the process first. 

As Apple ID is in System Preferences, you need to click the Apple menu > Force Quit > System Preferences. Then, click Force Quit for confirmation.

After that, relaunch System Preferences to repeat the operation.

Restart your Mac

Maybe the temporary errors in your system cause the abnormal performance of your Mac like the Mac can't sign out of iCloud.

To refresh your macOS and try to fix the tiny bugs, you can simply restart your Mac.

restart Mac

Wait out the ongoing iCloud backup

If you've just added a number of new files or edited some documents on your Mac, iCloud probably syncs them to the server and iCloud Drive.

The ongoing backup work is the hinder that makes you can't sign out of Apple ID or iCloud. In that scenario, you need to do nothing but wait for the process to end. Later, you can log out of your Apple ID from your Mac.

Turn off Screen Time

Some Mac users report that the Screen Time setting is also possible to make troubles in the iCloud sign-out work. To identify whether that is true, you can open the Apple menu > System Preferences > Screen Time. Then, select the Options button at the left bottom of the window. 

If you see Screen Time is on, switch it off. Then, you can check if you can log out of the Apple ID now smoothly.

turn off Screen Time on Mac

Sign out with the admin account

Perhaps, you are not the administrator of the computer. So, the sign-out is not available due to restrictions. You can sign in to the Mac machine with the admin account and then go to sign out of iCloud.

If you are the administrator but still fail to sign out of Apple ID, try the next solution.

sign out of iCloud in Apple ID with admin password

Check the Apple System status

iCloud or Apple ID runs relying on the Apple servers. There's a little chance that the Apple System status is not stable at the moment you prepare to sign out of iCloud.

You can visit the Apple System Status page to see if the circle beside the Apple ID or iCloud on your Mac computer is yellow or red. If it is, it means the server for the Apple ID and iCloud is in an unstable or broken condition. You need to wait for it back to the best status (which becomes green) and then continue signing out of your iCloud.

check Apple ID and iCloud status

Proceed with Software Update on your Mac

If the above methods can't help you out of the awkward situation, updating your Mac is the last try. A software update can not only update your macOS to fix potential bugs but also update the programs preinstalled on your Mac like iCloud or Apple ID.

After the minor update, the errors in the system and the first-party apps on Mac will be refreshed and upgraded. Consequently, your can sign out of Apple ID or iCloud without impediment from software.

To update your Mac, click the Apple logo > System Preferences > Software Update.

FAQ about can't sign out of iCloud on Mac


Select the Apple icon at the top left corner of your screen. Then, click System Preferences > Apple ID. In the Apple ID window, select the Overview tab and then click Sign Out at the bottom.


That may be caused by the poor Internet connection, broken Apple servers, hinder from other processes or programs, etc.