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MacBook Pro Battery Drain So Fast, Why & Fix With This Guide

Updated on Wednesday, May 11, 2022

iBoysoft author Connie Yang

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MacBook Pro/Air Battery Draining Fast, Why & How to Fix?

The 'low battery' notification pops up so frequently. On a side note, it alerts you that your MacBook battery drains so fast than normal. It's a great pain for you who work with a notebook far away from a power source. You may wonder 'why does my battery drain so fast?'.

If the fast-draining battery brings you in a proper mess, take it easy as you can find answers in this post. From here, you can get full analyses about why your MacBook Pro draining fast and also the efficient solutions to fix this issue.

Table of Contents:

MacBook battery draining so fast

Why does your MacBook battery drain so fast?

The MacBook battery draining so fast is not a simple issue. If you don't take care of it, you may face the Mac won't turn on the issue in the end.

Causes in different aspects can lead to your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 2021 battery draining fast. But the most common reason is that your old MacBook works with an outdated battery for years.

If that's not the case, below are the other common causes that can explain why your battery drains so fast.

  • Your wrong power-related settings.
  • Multiple power-consuming apps running at the same time or in the background.
  • Too many power-draining peripherals connected to your MacBook.
  • System bug.

How to stop MacBook Pro from draining the battery?

The laptop helps you realize working everywhere. But carrying a charger and keep stay close to a power source just adds to the trouble. Thus, it is necessary to troubleshoot the fast-draining battery in your MacBook.

Here, we've concluded almost all the fixes to help you out with the MacBook Pro battery draining fast issue. Then, your battery will reduce power consumption.

MacBook Pro battery draining fast: Reset power-related settings

The default or your previous changed setting on your laptop eats your power energy fast while you boot up your computer.

To avoid the battery exhausts so quickly, you need to reset these basic settings or preferences on your MacBook.

Reset Energy Saver Preferences

Click the battery icon at the top right Apple menu bar and select Open Energy Saver Preferences. Or, go to Apple icon > System Preferences > Energy Saver.

reset Energy Saver settings on MacBook

Then, move the slider to the left side to reduce the length of time it lasts before your display turns off.

Turn off Bluetooth

If you don't use Bluetooth all the time, close it now. Keeping the Bluetooth on will expend your energy too.

Click the Bluetooth icon at the top Apple menu bar or open it in System Preferences. Then, turn your Bluetooth off.

turn off Bluetooth on your MacBook

Disable keyboard light

By default, the MacBook Pro keyboard light is on. But it wastes your battery power in the daytime. You can press the F5 key to turn it off. Or, you need to disable it with the Touch Bar if you use a new MacBook Pro.

MacBook battery draining fast: Close useless apps that drain battery power

Perhaps, your MacBook Pro battery draining fast this time is because of the multiple energy-consuming programs.

If you open too many apps and let most of them run in the background, they gobble up the battery power secretly.

You can click the battery icon at the top of your screen and check which programs use significant energy. Then, close these apps.

1. Press the Command + Space keys to open Spotlight Search. Then, type Activity Monitor to open it.

2. Under the Energy tab, find the app that conserves too much energy. Select it and click the close button at the top to quit it.

close apps draining battery

MacBook battery draining fast: Reduce screen brightness

The display of your MacBook is also one of the items that take away your battery energy.

You can reduce your screen brightness by pressing the F1 key on an older MacBook or clicking the sun icon on the Touch Bar for a modern MacBook Pro.

MacBook battery draining fast: Unplug unnecessary connected external devices

Sometimes, you connect your AirPods, iPhone, or other external devices that consume battery power to your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. That leads to your laptop battery draining so fast.

Once you disconnect these devices, your MacBook battery will last longer.

MacBook Pro battery draining fast: Update your Mac to the latest macOS version

The latest macOS always carries features optimization, which can work better with the hardware, including the battery. So, when you face the Mac battery issues and can't troubleshoot them with the above ways, you can try to update your Mac to the latest version.

Go to System Preferences > Software Update to install the latest version of macOS.

MacBook Pro battery draining fast: Replace a battery

If the above way can't help you bring the battery to the normal status and your battery continues to drain energy so fast, you can contact Apple and apply to replace a battery.

MacBook Pro battery draining fast while sleeping, how to fix it?

There's another situation where your MacBook Pro keeps on feeding up your battery energy even in sleep mode. It is so awful, right?

The reason your MacBook loses battery when sleeping is that some apps, especially the third-party ones, continue running in sleep mode.

To prevent the programs from running while your MacBook is sleeping, you can try the following method.

  1. Launch Activity Monitor (open Launchpad > Other > Activity Monitor).
  2. Move your cursor to the top Activity Monitor menu bar and click View.
  3. Select Columns from the View drop-down menu and then check Preventing Sleep. 
    close apps draining battery while sleeping 
  4. Under the Preventing Sleep tag, check which app shows Yes.

Then, quitting the app that prevents sleep will fix the MacBook Pro battery draining fast while sleeping problem.