What SD Card Problems Do You Have?

Troubleshoot SD Card Problems

SD Card Not Showing up

SD card not showing up is one of the most common issues for both Mac and Windows users. The SD card is connected and then, nothing, looking like the SD card is not recognized by computer. Most of the time, it's caused by connection problems. Or else, the SD card might be dead.

If the SD card won't show up even after a reconnection and computer restart, you need to check if the SD card reader is working before confirming the SD card is damaged.

sd card not showing up
SD card not reading

SD Card Not Reading

Computer not reading SD card often returns with an error message like "the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable", "the disk you inserted is not readable by this computer", etc. or disk management showing RAW SD card. Those SD card unreadable errors usually result from poor connections, outdated drivers, malfunctioned hardware, and SD card corruption.

Starting with reconnection, you can update software (e.g. disk driver) and replace the related hardware (e.g. SD card reader). Then, ensure the SD card itself is not corrupted.

SD Card is Write Protected

Locked or write-protected SD card doesn't allow you to take or delete pictures on camera, nor transferring data from your computer to SD card, let alone modifying files. This SD card might be protected by the write-lock switch on the card or a password from third-party software.

You can remove the write protection by switching the physical write-lock off, clearing digital read-only permission in Windows diskpart or Mac's First Aid, or password unlocking the SD card.

SD card is write protected
sd card is read only

SD Card is Read Only

Read-only SD card means you can only view, read the content on the SD card but no permissions to make changes, which usually spreads to SD cards manufactured by SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Lexar, Samsung, etc. It may be attributed to writing protection, card errors, or NTFS file system, etc.

SD Card Won't Format

You are unable to format an SD card on Mac, Windows PC, Android phone, or a camera if the card is write-protected, corrupted due to bad sectors, or infected by virus. On a Windows computer, it reports "Windows was unable to complete the format" while the "Erase" button would be grayed out in Mac Disk Utility.

You can fix this SD card error by repairing corruption, removing write protection, or trying other tools like diskpart to format the SD card.

cannot format an corrupted SD card
file disappeared from SD card

SD Card Files Not Showing up

When files are missing or emptied from the SD card, does this mean SD card deleting files by itself? Actually, files are likely to disappear from SD card when they are deleted, corrupted, removed, or hidden by accident.

You can either unhide those files, or recover missing files from the SD card.

Quick Solutions to Fix SD Card Errors

SD Card Data Recovery

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2. Scan

3. Recovery

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